Who’s behind the scene?

Assalamualaikum hai pembaca blog Arkadius. Baru je kami selesai menyiapkan around 70pax vip gift set glass majestic untuk Cik Lydia. Its our job even this is last minute place order, dia sangat mengharapkan kami dapat siapkan her gift for her wedding.

Pasti ramai tertanya siapa pemilik arkadius kan? Most of the detailing, decorating, whos makesure that every output yang keluar ni perfect, is us, Munirah & Syafiq.

Sebenarnya kami tak pernah terfikir nak show up ourselves, but this year 2019 will be different. InsyaAllah our target nak makesure brand arkadius will be the best brand for luxury wedding gift decorator for all brides.

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